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Kerala's Mattathur Farmers Thrive: A Rs 1 Crore Success Story in 10 Days

Kerala's Mattathur Farmers Thrive: A Rs 1 Crore Success Story in 10 Days
Banana Plants In Mattathur

In the lush heartland of Kerala, amidst the challenges faced by vegetable and fruit farmers statewide, the Mattathur panchayat in Thrissur has become a shining example of sustainable and profitable agriculture. As the Onam season approached, a period that kicked off ten days prior to Thiruvonam, the local farmers under the aegis of the Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) celebrated remarkable sales figures, including the prized Nendran banana. Their collective earnings during this time? A staggering Rs 1 crore! 

●Thriving Agriculture in Mattathur

Mattathur panchayat has embraced agriculture as a reliable source of income. It encompasses approximately 350 acres dedicated to vegetable cultivation and an additional 250 acres for bountiful banana plantations. Beyond this, the region also nurtures diverse crops like Rambutan. Remarkably, out of its 55,000 residents, over 10,000 are actively engaged in farming.

●Setting Records and Making Profits

During a pivotal moment on August 17, coinciding with the advent of the Malayalam month of Chingam, the VFPCK outlets in Mattathur achieved an outstanding feat. They sold nearly 25 tonnes of the highly sought-after Nendran bananas, generating an impressive revenue of Rs 15.50 lakh in a single day.

●Leading in Agricultural Endeavors

Mattathur panchayat proudly boasts the highest number of farmers registered with the state government’s Agriculture Information Management System. In stark contrast, the panchayat in the second position falls short by a considerable margin. This remarkable statistic underscores Mattathur's unwavering commitment to transforming agriculture into a substantial source of income for its residents.

●Success Stories from the Soil

Notably, a young graduate from Mattathur achieved an astonishing annual income of approximately Rs 38 lakh through vegetable farming alone. This serves as a testament to the community's dedication and the remarkable fertility of the local soil.

●The 'Kadhalivanam' Initiative

In 2009, then Puthukkad MLA C Raveendranath initiated the 'Kadhalivanam' project. This visionary project aimed to cultivate the 'kadhali' variety of bananas in Mattathur for supply to the Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple. The consistent supply faced challenges during the pandemic, as the temple temporarily closed its doors to devotees. However, Mattathur's farmers are now gearing up to resume full-fledged 'kadhali' farming.

●Nendran Bananas - A Local Treasure

At any given time of the season, Mattathur boasts a substantial population of at least 5 lakh Nendran plantains, ensuring a steady supply of this cherished banana variety. In recent times, people from other states have made pilgrimages to Mattathur to purchase these high-quality bananas due to limited availability in their local markets.

●Beyond Bananas - Innovative Ventures

The enterprising spirit of Mattathur's farmers knows no bounds. In addition to fresh produce, the local farmer producers’ company has ventured into creating banana chips and energy drinks from the abundant banana harvest in the panchayat.

In conclusion, Mattathur stands as a glowing beacon of what can be achieved through dedicated agriculture. Its success not only celebrates the bounties of the land but also showcases how passionate farmers can transform their passion into significant revenue streams. With its thriving banana farming and innovative endeavors, Mattathur's story is one of inspiration for agricultural communities far and wide.

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