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A Million Miles Away: Chasing Stars - Review Of Inspiring Biopic Of The José Hernández Odyssey


A Million Miles Away
A Million Miles Away Poster

 In the heartwarming Amazon biopic, "A Million Miles Away," we embark on a journey that transcends borders, gravity, and dreams. This captivating film tells the remarkable story of José Hernández, a former migrant worker who defied all odds to become an astronaut. With Michael Peña's compelling portrayal of Hernández,

this movie blends the extraordinary with the ordinary, illustrating the quintessential American Dream. Join us as we explore the ingredients that transformed a farm worker into an interstellar pioneer.

A Humble Beginning

In the Fields of Michoacán

José Hernández's story begins in the picturesque fields of Michoacán, Mexico. Born to migrant farmers Salvador and Julia, young José witnessed the Apollo 17 moon landing on a modest TV set, igniting a passion for the cosmos that would define his life's trajectory.

 The Dream Takes Flight

A Relentless Pursuit of the Stars

Undeterred by repeated rejections, José applies to NASA's astronaut selection program eleven times. His perseverance shines through as he undergoes years of rigorous training at the Kennedy Space Center, all for a chance to leave Earth's bounds.

Ingredients to Success

Guiding Principles by His Father

José's father imparted essential life lessons that became his guiding principles. These principles, which include determination, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge, shape José's journey and later inspire his career as a motivational speaker.

A Director's Charm

Alejandra Márquez Abella's Touch

Director Alejandra Márquez Abella crafts José's story with finesse. She transforms potential hardships into moments of curiosity and wonder, revealing the beauty in José's early life as a farm worker. The film seamlessly weaves between Spanish and English, reflecting José's multicultural experience.

A Dream Unveiled

Miss Young and the Power of Dreams

José's passion for mathematics and space doesn't go unnoticed. Miss Young, a teacher, recognizes his talent and fervor. His dream becomes a driving force, a desire that transcends explanation.

Facing Discrimination

Navigating Prejudice on His Journey

As the only Mexican American engineer at Livermore labs, José confronts discrimination head-on. Despite facing stereotypes and bias, he perseveres, demonstrating the resilience that defines his character.

Balancing Dreams

Adela: More Than a Supportive Wife

Adela, José's wife, emerges as a strong presence in the film. Balancing motherhood and dreams of her own, she defies the stereotype of a passive spouse, declaring her determination to be an active partner in their journey.

NASA's Grueling Trials

The Path to Astronaut Status

The final part of the film focuses on José's training at NASA, offering an inside look at the demanding preparation astronauts undergo. While this part may feel like a promotional video for NASA, Peña's performance and the emphasis on community support add depth to the narrative.

"A Million Miles Away" isn't just a space biopic; it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit. José Hernández's journey from a humble farm worker to an astronaut is a true embodiment of the American Dream. Director Alejandra Márquez Abella's charming storytelling brings this story to life, reminding us that dreams, when pursued with passion and resilience, can indeed take us to the stars. Now available on Amazon Prime, this film is a must-watch for anyone in search of inspiration and a reminder that no dream is too far out of reach.

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