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Jawan Box Office Collection Day 3: Shah Rukh Khan's Film Crosses Rs 200 Crore Milestone, Outshines Gadar 2 and Pathaan

Jawan Box Office
Jawan Box Office

Shah Rukh Khan's latest film, Jawan, directed by Atlee, is setting records at the Indian box office. In just three days, it has stormed into the 200 crore club, surpassing Gadar 2 and Pathaan.

Jawan's Record-Breaking Run
And Unstoppable Journey to 200 Crores

Jawan is on a spectacular run at the box office, achieving the remarkable feat of crossing 200 crores in India within just three days of release. This extraordinary

success highlights the unparalleled stardom of Shah Rukh Khan, who continues to create history with each passing day.

Day 3 Triumph: Jawan Collects Rs 82 Crore on Saturday

On the third day of its release, Jawan amassed an astounding 82 crore rupees, solidifying its position in the 200 crore club. Notably, this achievement comes after surpassing both Sunny Deol's Gadar 2 and Shah Rukh Khan's own film, Pathaan, by a significant margin.

Non-Holiday Success: Thriving on a Non-Holiday Saturday

Despite being a non-holiday Saturday, Jawan demonstrated its box office prowess by securing an impressive number of viewers. The film's unstoppable journey is a testament to its captivating storyline and Shah Rukh Khan's enduring appeal.

Total Earnings and Projections: Eyeing the 300 Crore Mark

As of now, Jawan has garnered a total of 203 crores, while Gadar 2 and Pathaan have earned 51 crores and 38 crores, respectively. The film's impressive performance suggests that it may well cross the 300 crore milestone over the weekend. Moreover, Jawan has set its sights on a global total of 500 crores.

Expert Insights: Trade Expert's Perspective

Trade expert Akshay Rathe shared insights on Jawan's box office journey. He mentioned, "We can expect a 60 crore collection from the Hindi belt on Saturday, with Sunday likely to reach around 70 crores nationwide. Adding the overseas market earnings of 30 crores, Jawan comfortably crosses the 200 crore mark." Rathe also noted that the film faces minimal competition, with only Warner Bros.' horror film, "Nun," in the fray.

Shah Rukh Khan's Gratitude: Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Thanks

Overwhelmed by the love and massive response for Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan expressed his gratitude to fans. He stated, "Thank you to each and every one who made time to watch the film... Love you all!!! Keep smiling, dancing, and spreading happiness!"

In conclusion, Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan has taken the Indian box office by storm, crossing the 200 crore milestone in just three days and outperforming its competitors. The film's remarkable success is a testament to Khan's enduring appeal and the movie's compelling storyline. With projections indicating even greater achievements ahead, Jawan's journey is undoubtedly one for the record books.

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