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India-Canada Relations Amid Tensions over Nijjar Killing: 10 Key Developments

Narendra Modi and Justin Trudeau
Narendra Modi and Justin Trudeau

After the direct allegation of justin trudeau  in candian parliament over nijjar killing the india-canada relation touched the all time low phase of its history, we will analyse and discuss development in event post allegation.

1. Cancellation of OCI Registration

The Indian government is taking steps to cancel the registration of several OCI cardholders who are allegedly involved in pro-Khalistan activities and anti-India propaganda.

2. Call for Dialogue

Canadian Defence Minister Bill Blair has urged both India and Canada to engage in meaningful dialogue to find common ground for ease in recent strains in their relations.

3. Protests Against Justin Trudeau

At Jantar Mantar in India, a group of people staged a protest against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accusing him of supporting Khalistani separatists.

4. Canada's Foreign Policy Reset

Canada is planning a 'foreign policy reset,' shifting away from its 'middle-power approach' and placing greater focus on 'Indo-Pacific diplomacy.' This move has implications for its relations with various countries, including India and its allies including us

5. Intelligence Sharing

The US Ambassador to Canada has mentioned "shared intelligence among Five Eyes partners" as a basis for the Trudeau administration's claims of a potential link between Indian government agents and the killing of separatist Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

6. Concerns Among Indian Students

The escalating tensions between India and Canada have raised concerns among Indian parents whose children are studying in Canada. Parents are worring about their children's safety and their ability to focus on their studies.

7. Confiscation of Properties

Indian investigative agencies have confiscated the properties of alleged Khalistani militant Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, accusing him of involvement in terror activities in India.

8. Soaring Airfares

Last-minute airfares for India-Canada routes have skyrocketed. Direct flights between New Delhi and Toronto now cost over ₹1.46 lakh, causing financial concerns for travelers.

9. Temporary Suspension of Visa Services

India temporarily suspended visa services in Canada, with BLS International, a visa processing firm, carrying a notice from the Indian mission in Canada stating that visa operations had been suspended until further notice.

10. Visa Issuance Continues

Despite the suspension of visa services in India, Canadian authorities have not stopped issuing visas to Indian nationals seeking entry into the North American country.

At last these developments in India-Canada relations underscore the complexities and challenges that can arise between nations. It is essential for both countries to engage in constructive dialogue and cooperation to maintain peaceful and beneficial relations.but canada should must understand the concern of india regarding supporting khalistan issue,and should act to prevent it

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