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Celebrating Brazil's Independence: A Reflection on the Past and Present

Brazil Independence Day

As Brazil approaches its 201st Independence Day celebration on September 7th, historians invite us to look beyond the traditional narratives and consider the broader perspectives surrounding this historic event. This article explores the significance of this date, the diverse voices that played a role in independence, and the ongoing challenges Brazil faces today.

The Need for a Critical Revisit With Broadening Our Perspective

In an exclusive interview with historian Ynaê Lopes dos Santos, she emphasizes the importance of a critical revisit of Brazil's independence. While Dom Pedro I is often the focus of historical discussions, Dos Santos calls for a broader examination of the diverse actors who contributed to this complex process.

A Polyphonic Process To Recognizing Diverse Contributions

Dos Santos highlights the role of women, indigenous societies, and the black population in the struggle for independence. She encourages us to view independence as a polyphonic process with multiple voices and narratives.

Indigenous Perspectives on Independence And Exclusion, Silencing, and Genocide

Historian Marize Guarani sheds light on the perspective of indigenous people, for whom September 7th represents a consolidation of exclusion, silencing, and genocide that began with the arrival of the Portuguese in 1500.

The Capitalist Clash With Indigenous Values and Capitalist Society

Guarani explains how the traditional indigenous way of life opposes the capitalist system. She highlights the communal nature of indigenous land use and the clash with the capitalist society that led to their displacement.

Rethinking Independence Celebrations Beyond Military Parades

Historian Wlamyra Albuquerque suggests that Independence celebrations should go beyond military parades. She calls for a more inclusive approach that focuses on celebrating Brazilian identity and addresses the demands of marginalized communities.

July 2nd: An Alternative Celebration A Popular in Bahia

Albuquerque mentions July 2nd, the celebration of Independence in Bahia, where popular participation takes center stage, offering an alternative to the traditional military parades.

The Scream of the Excluded and Excluded For Giving Voice to the Marginalized

The article discusses the Grito dos Excluídos e Excluídas, a manifestation representing marginalized groups and social movements. It serves as a counterpoint to the traditional Cry of Independence.

Is Brazil Truly Independent ?

The article concludes by pondering the question of Brazil's independence. Historians express differing opinions, with Marize Guarani emphasizing the nation's dependence on global forces and Adriana Barreto asserting Brazil's independence and the need to understand its complex past.


As Brazil commemorates its 201st Independence Day, it is a time not only for celebration but also for introspection. This article encourages us to consider the diverse perspectives that have shaped Brazil's history and to address ongoing challenges on the path to true independence.

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