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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Opposes INDIA Bloc's Decision to Boycott 14 News Anchors

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Opposes INDIA Bloc's Decision to Boycott 14 News Anchors
Nitish Kumar File Photo.

In a recent turn of events, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has openly opposed the decision made by the INDIA bloc to boycott shows and events hosted by 14 prominent journalists and news anchors. He firmly asserts that he stands in support of journalists and believes that boycotting them is unjustifiable.

The Chief Minister's Stance on Media Freedom

Speaking to the media during the inauguration of a girls' higher secondary school named after his spouse, Manju Sinha, in Bakhtiyarpur, Patna district, Nitish Kumar expressed his views on the INDIA bloc's decision. He emphasized his unwavering support for the freedom of the press and the vital role journalists play in a democracy.

"Why should I boycott?" Nitish Kumar questioned, "I am in favor of journalists. When journalists have complete freedom, they can express their opinions and report as they see fit. Journalists have the right to write what they consider appropriate. I have never attempted to control the media or impose any restrictions. I respect the media and its role."

Nitish Kumar also pointed out that those in power at the central level might have attempted to control certain journalists, leading to misconduct in the field of journalism. However, he reiterated that he does not hold any bias against any news anchor.

Media Freedom and the INDIA Bloc

The INDIA bloc, consisting of 26 parties, recently made headlines when they announced their decision to boycott the shows of 14 news anchors. This decision followed the bloc's first coordination committee meeting in Delhi, during which a joint statement was released. In this statement, the committee empowered its media group to identify the news anchors whose shows would not be attended by any of the INDIA parties.

Nitish Kumar's stance is notable as he becomes the first leader within the INDIA bloc to openly challenge this boycott decision. His position underscores the importance of media freedom in a democratic society and the need for journalists to operate without undue influence or restrictions.

In conclusion, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's refusal to support the INDIA bloc's decision to boycott news anchors reflects his commitment to upholding media freedom and democratic values. He believes that journalists should have the autonomy to report and express their views without fear of censorship or reprisal. This stands as a testament to the enduring importance of a free and independent press in a democratic nation.

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