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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: A Deep Dive into the DC Universe And 2 Second Amber Heard Controvery

ason Momoa and James Wan on the set of 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom'| CREDIT: COURTESY OF WARNER BROS. PICTURES AND DC STUDIO
The Aquatic Reunion in London

On a rainy day in London's Leavesden Studios in October 2021, the cast and crew of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" gather to bring the aquatic world of Atlantis back to life. Nicole Kidman, who plays Atlanna, quips about the unpredictable English weather, creating an unexpected challenge for the shoot.

ason Momoa and James Wan on the set of 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom'| CREDIT: COURTESY OF WARNER BROS. PICTURES AND DC STUDIO
Credit: Warner Brothers And DC Stuidios

The ensemble includes Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, Patrick Wilson as Orm, Amber Heard as Mera, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, and even a CG character, the Brine King, represented by a ball on a stick. Despite the gloomy weather, the team's spirits remain high as they prepare to dive back into the world of Aquaman.

Navigating Filmmaking During a Pandemic

Directing a superhero film during a pandemic is no small feat, but James Wan takes it in stride.

He acknowledges the challenges but expresses satisfaction with the progress made. Making a massive tentpole film under these circumstances is a remarkable achievement, and Wan is proud of the dedication of his team.

Changing Tides in the DC Universe

The release date of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" experienced several delays due to COVID-19 disruptions and shifting schedules. Moreover, the DC Universe itself has undergone significant changes, with Peter Safran now co-captaining the studio's upcoming projects alongside James Gunn. This shift raises questions about the future of Aquaman and the wider DC Universe.

Wan, however, remains focused on his vision for the Aquaman world. He emphasizes that this franchise has always been a separate universe, allowing them to maintain their creative direction regardless of external developments.

The Arthur-Orm Dynamic

Producer Peter Safran highlights the complex relationship between Arthur Curry and his half-brother Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. In this sequel, the two uneasy allies must join forces to face Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Black Manta, a formidable supervillain wielding the Black Trident. Safran promises a humorous twist that sets this film apart from the first.

Embracing the Fantasy Adventure Genre

Production designer Bill Brzeski draws parallels between the sequel and vintage films by special effects legend Ray Harryhausen, known for his fantastical adventures. Wan's commitment to delivering a captivating quest filled with monsters and adventure resonates with the spirit of classic fantasy films.

Setting the Record Straight

Addressing recent reports about reshoots and crossovers with other DC films, Wan clarifies that "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" stands as its own story. While there were scheduling challenges and additional photography, the film remains true to its original vision.

The Amber Heard Controversy

Wan is careful when discussing Amber Heard's role in the film amidst the controversy surrounding her legal battle with Johnny Depp. He reiterates that the focus of the sequel was always the relationship between Arthur and Orm, not Arthur and Mera, as in the first film.

Unveiling the Lost Kingdom

The teaser trailer offers a glimpse into the film's visually stunning world, with Arthur riding a giant seahorse and the introduction of the "Octobot." Wan explains that the Lost Kingdom takes inspiration from the Silver Age Aquaman comics, providing a retro feel to this underwater society.

The Future of Aquaman

Wan hints at the potential for a third Aquaman film, emphasizing character growth as a central theme. The sequel lays the groundwork for future adventures, leaving the door open for further exploration of this underwater universe.

Wan's Closing Thoughts

James Wan, despite the challenges and controversies, remains enthusiastic about "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." He is delighted with the film's unique style, drawing inspiration from classic adventure films. As the release date approaches, Wan is excited to share this new adventure with fans and audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" promises to be an exciting, visually stunning, and character-driven addition to the DC Universe, maintaining its own course amidst changing tides in the world of superhero cinema. Fans can look forward to a bromance-filled, action-packed adventure when the film hits theaters on December 20.

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